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See You At The Summit

Empowering Teens Affected by Cancer Through Wilderness Adventure 

This trip, team, and research is devoted to improving the young people's lives during and after a cancer diagnosis. See You At the Summit is a 9 day/ 8 night backpacking trek + mountain summit in Oregon, USA aimed at helping teenagers experiencing cancer reclaim their lives and personal sense of power. On this medically supported wilderness trip, teenagers connect to peers living the same challenges, cultivate resiliency, and immerse themselves in the healing power of nature. See You at the Summit focuses on adolescents 13-18 years old with cancer, during a vital stage of their psychosocial development. The goals is to support teenagers during their diagnosis and treatment to help them process their experience. 

The curriculum was developed specifically for young adults, using current research and guidance from professionals in the field. The combination of immersing in nature, connecting with other teenagers, and summiting a wilderness challenge encourages a therapeutic transformation in how adolescents view themselves, their illness, and their future.
Adventure Therapy for Teens battling Cancer

Trip Itinary 


Important details

  • Participants can still be actively in treatment

  • We focus on Teens

  • We have fun!

  • Our program is crafted to their needs

  • We provide all the gear

  • Research and evidence is our foundation

  • Our staff are seasoned experts

  • We build relationships so we can change lives

  • Our medically supported trips are 100% free

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