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Before surfing was competition, it was medicine. It was dance, it was celebration, it was community, and it was prayer. Humans have known surfing to be therapeutic for centuries. Modern surf therapy combines these elements with clinical psychology, trauma neuroscience, and experiential therapies for an evidence based treatment modality for PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, addiction, and more. 

Surf Therapy for Trauma Recovery

1.  Emotional Regulation

Finding a way to be and maintain a state of calm and focus despite external conditions. Experiencing trauma and compounding stress deeply impacts our nervous system and ability to regulate our emotions. See here for symptoms of imbalanced nervous system. We increase capacity for emotional regulation and rebalance the nervous system through activities such as mindfulness, breath, movement, and grounding - Surfing applies all of these elements at once creating a noticeable  physiological shift after just one surf session! Our goal is to integrate these tools / practices into your daily life on land. 

Neuroscience of ST

"There's a shift that happens when you're near or comfortably in the water. It is a physiological shift, a neurochemical shift."

- Wallace J Nichols, PH.D 

  • No surf experience required.

  • A guide is present with you in the water.

  • You will acquire tools for nervous system regulation and support that can be applied to life on land.

Resurface Transformed

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Surf Therapy Retreat



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Licensing and Credentials 


License in Clinical Social Work State of Oregon: L10773

Surf Therapy for Trauma Recovery Trained - Groundswell Community Org.

Brainspotting 1 + 2 Training with specialty training in Developmental Trauma

Lens Neurofeedback Trained

Heart Math Trained 

Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga Certified

Wilderness First Responder Certified

Masters Degree in Social Work - Portland State University

Dual Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Social Work University of Wisconsin -Steven's Point

Pricing and Insurance

For psychotherapy I work virtually with clients in the State of Oregon, USA where I am currently licensed. 

Accepted Health Insurance Plans:
 Pacific Source Health Plans, Aetna, and  First Choice Health.

For cash paying clients, my rate is $150 for a virtual 50 minute psychotherapy session. I can provide a Monthly Superbill for you to offer your insurance for reimbursement if you are not in network.


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