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Approach to Therapy

What will a session look like?

While sessions are tailored to each individuals needs, using the fundamentals of neuroscience we will go beyond traditional talk therapy to better understand symptoms of trauma, PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression. We will explore  a “bottom up” approach with techniques like Brainspotting, somatic techniques + tools,  HeartMath, breath work to help you find relief at neurophysiological level.  You will gain an understanding of the nervous system. You will learn tools for emotional regulation and resilience, which will help you reclaim control over your mind, body, and emotions once again. 

Meet Kristin

Kristin is a licensed psychotherapist who specializes in developmental trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Anxiety, Depression, and attachment. Much of Kristin's therapeutic practice has been inspired by her time spent as a Wilderness Therapist guiding clients in an inpatient treatment program through wilderness expeditions in Central Oregon. Here she learned just how much our present day activities disconnect us from our Self, our body, and our relationships.  Kristin believes as human beings we share a deep desire for belonging – that is to feel both understood and accepted. Her clinical work puts relationship and connection at the core of all healing. She believes that much of our emotional and physical health issues arise from a disconnection, whether that disconnection is within our own body or within the relationships in our lives. Together, you will explore shame and trauma - the drivers of disconnection. Kristin is passionate about helping clients (re)discover a sense of belonging within themself.

Kristin is a born adventurer and outdoor enthusiast. You can find her trail running to nearby peaks, surfing local waves, or car camping with a view. She is passionate about using adventure and nature as a vehicle for healing, growth, and self discovery. 

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"My anxiety was so bad for years I was vomiting, had constant nausea, diarrhea, and stomach pain, and I wasn't sleeping. After 6 months working with Kristin, all of these symptoms were no longer issues for me. My anxiety is now managable with tools like Heart Math, Breathwork, and meditation." 

Female Client Age 31

Trauma Symptoms

What is Trauma?

"Trauma is not what happens to you. It is what happens inside you because of what happened to you." - Gabor Mate

We often think about trauma as specific event(s) that happen to us, but what makes an event traumatic is our body's overwhelmed response that creates an imbalance in the nervous system. This overwhelmed response can arise from a life threatening stressor OR be the result of ongoing accumulative stress. Both can be caused by emotional abuse, sexual or physical assault, neglect, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), betrayal by someone we trust, addiction, loss, birth trauma, medical procedures, natural disaster, and compounding symptoms of ongoing fear and conflict.

All having detrimental impacts on our nervous system and livelihood.

The Impact?

When we experience trauma or stress, our nervous system's window of tolerance gets smaller.  Meaning our ability to remain calm, connected, and compassionate decrease. We become less able to respond to disruptions without becoming completely overwhelmed. As our nervous system's window of tolerance decreases it can leave us trapped and oscillating between hyper and hypo arousal states. This can present in a wide range of symptoms and if left untreated can result in serious conditions such as depression, anxiety, panic, chronic dissociation, addiction, chronic pain, medical conditions, digestive issues, night terrors, sleep issues, disordered eating behaviors, suicide ideation, self harm, risk seeking behaviors, intimacy issues, outbursts, and other behavioral issues.

Levine, Mate, Ogden, Siegel, Van Der Kolk

If you are struggling with these symptoms,
I want to help you find relief.


Let's Connect

Connect today for a free consultation to learn more about how we can work together.

Licensing and Credentials 


License In Clinical Social Work State of Oregon: L10773

Surf Therapy for Trauma Recovery Trained - Groundswell Community Org.

Brainspotting 1 + 2 Training with specialty training in Developmental Trauma

Lens Neurofeedback Trained

Heart Math Trained 

Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga Certified

Wilderness First Responder Certified

Masters Degree in Social Work - Portland State University

Dual Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Social Work University of Wisconsin -Steven's Point

Pricing and Insurance

For Psychotherapy I work  virtually with clients in the State of Oregon, USA where I am currently licensed.

Accepted Health Insurance Plans:
 Pacific Source Health Plans, Aetna, and  First Choice Health. 

For cash paying clients, my rate is $150 for a virtual 50 minute session. I can provide a Monthly Superbill for you to offer your insurance for reimbursement if you are not in network.

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