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Healing trauma 
from the 
   inside out. 



Are you experiencing unwanted stress or difficulty processing anxiety? Are you finding yourself easily overwhelmed or in a state of constant worry? Do you ever feel like a stranger in your own body? If you are feeling trapped by symptoms of trauma or anxiety, you are not alone. It is possible to gain a sense of peace and I want to help you find relief.  

Discover how we will go beyond traditional talk therapy to relieve your symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, or depression at a neurophysiological level

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I spent most of 2020 in fight or flight mode, coping with PTSD episodes and a fried nervous system. Anything could trigger me into self protection. I had tried to address these issues on my own, and found it a losing battle. I came to Kristin looking for tools to help me process episodes while also decreasing their frequency and impact. Since I've started, my relationship has improved, my awareness of shame and trauma have increased, and my ability to self-regulate has grown."
- Female client age 33

Offering virtual Telehealth services and in person services depending on location.

  In Network with Aetna, First Choice, and Pacific Source Health Plans for Oregon, USA Residents.

Let's connect for a free 20 minute consultation to learn more.

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On the Trail

Often times it is not a traumatic event that causes ongoing pain, but rather experiencing it alone, or feeling unseen and isolated that can cause damaging effects on our mind, body, and sense of self. 

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Kristin is an experienced wilderness therapist and facilitator guiding teams, families, and individuals on their healing journeys.



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Kristin Mathes, LCSW | Based in Oregon, USA and Jacó, Costa Rica

For scheduling, inquires,  partnerships, or more information please reach out here. 

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